The Best Drone Photos of All Time

These stunning drone photos transport you to the most beautiful places on Earth, all from the comfort of your computer screen.

The Best Drone Photos of All Time

One of the best things about drones is the way they can take photos of the most beautiful scenery on Earth. From snow-covered mountains to tropical islands, these aerial cameras capture stunning views that are otherwise impossible to see from the ground. For those who want to experience something new, this list of drone photos will transport you around the world in just a few moments!

Drone Photos

Capturing stunning images of the world, drones can take aerial shots of the earth that people have never before seen. From the Arctic to the Antarctic, these unique photos capture incredible views in every region. Explore the world from the air with these fascinating drone photos that are sure to leave you impressed. Adorable Sea Turtle A drone can help you get a closer look at an endangered sea turtle! In this photo, the people are playing on the beach and they get a very rare chance to see the endangered loggerhead sea turtle laying eggs. Sparkly Spaceship During the day, a lot of this amazing looking spaceship is often obscured by the dark. But if you want to take a closer look, you can find it glowing under a night sky.

The best drone photos of all time

If you’ve ever wanted to be an explorer like Jacques Cousteau, aerial photographer Kristian Haugen has a drone for you. Flying over Europe’s mountains and faraway shorelines and taking breathtaking photos, Haugen creates images of people and places they likely never thought they’d see from the sky. Whether it’s one of the deepest lakes on the planet, a deserted city, or the streets of New York City, Haugen makes sure to give his pictures a sense of adventure. For his latest collection, photographer John Boumpou snapped a set of drone photos while camping in the mountains. The beautiful views that Boumpou captured have led to him gaining a new following of 1.6 million people on Instagram.

What you need to know about drones

Drones range from handheld camera-like models, which you can easily purchase at your local electronics store, to larger, more capable cameras that have larger lenses and motors to take photos and video. This list is not inclusive, as drones are often used in more than one way. Most drones come equipped with a basic camera, which is good for small, point-and-shoot style photos, but the truly amazing drone photos are made possible by two main components: a drone’s gimbal and autopilot. An airframe or frame is a rigid frame that your camera is attached to while in flight. Some drones, like the DJI Mavic, come with two frames, one for video and another for photos, while some require you to purchase separate airframes for each.


We hope you enjoyed this list of the best drone photos of all time. These photos don’t necessarily reflect the best drone photos out there. If there’s something we missed, please let us know in the comments below! We plan on continually updating this list so be sure to check back if you’re on the lookout for more amazing photos! If you’re interested in learning more about drones, check out our Top 5 Best Drone Tech Reads!