40 Best Travel Hacks From Flight Attendants That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Do you love to travel? Here are hacks that flight attendants use to make air travel easier and more enjoyable.

40 Best Travel Hacks From Flight Attendants That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

If you love to travel, there are probably some things that you take for granted. You may not think about how many times flight attendants say hello, or how they unwrap the plastic around your food before they serve it to you. If you want to enjoy your next trip even more, then this article is for you. Here, are 40 tricks that flight attendants use to make air travel easier and more enjoyable.

Travel Hacks for the Airport

Hurry and pop some corn before the flight to keep your energy up while you're waiting. Put some drops of lavender on your wrists and inhale deeply. Always keep some travel-size mouthwash in your carry-on. Travel-sized ear plugs can help you get some sleep while you're in the air. Have your bag placed under the seat in front of you, instead of in the overhead bin. It'll make your seat more comfortable, too. Choose a person in line ahead of you at the grocery store to grab your food and snacks, instead of the flight attendant who takes your order. Try checking your bag at the self-check-in counter. It might be faster than paying at the kiosk. To find the closest spot to your gate, have a flight attendant write out the "triangle" on a piece of paper.

Travel Hacks for Boarding

Before a flight, it is absolutely essential to check that your boarding pass is in order. Follow these 10 tips from a travel expert to make sure that you arrive on time, and save yourself the hassle of standing in a line to see someone who might not be able to help you at that moment. Also, keep in mind that some airlines use a color code for boarding, so you should check your boarding pass before you go to the gate. Do you see anything unusual? Don't worry, it's probably nothing. But make sure to speak up so that the flight attendants can look into it. "We know that everyone is trying to get through as quickly as they can and not have any delays.

Travel Hacks for Flying

Leave the clear plastic bag on the airplane, not the plane. When boarding your flight, you probably have no idea why this plastic bag is inside a clear bag. The clear plastic bags on the airplane are used to protect the food and drinks from damaging the plastic. It protects the food from spilled condensation, for example. However, it is not the original purpose for the plastic. Plastic bags were used to protect the original plastic wrapped inside the food items. Traveling with a carry-on suitcase is an easier way to travel. There are tons of rules and regulations that go into traveling with a bag. You might get in trouble if you leave the bag unattended or don't follow the regulations.

Travel Hacks for Landing

When you are landing at your destination, don't fumble around trying to locate where you parked. You should be able to see where you parked in the plane's floor plan, as well as the pilot and co-pilot, according to Fortune. Some airlines allow you to check in for your flight and print your boarding passes on the same day. United Airlines is one of them. However, your boarding passes are not sent to you until you are in line for a flight. If your boarding pass says something like "have a nice day," or you have to print one, you can avoid the hassle by checking in online and printing them out at home. If your airline does not allow you to print boarding passes at home, try printing them at the airport. Go to the kiosk and ask the attendant to print your boarding pass for you.


Flight attendants know how to make passengers feel better — and they do so by doing little things. The thing is, these little things aren't really that small, but, for some people, they are more easily overlooked. Sometimes, these little things can make all the difference between a terrible flight and a comfortable one. This list of flight attendants tricks may not all work for every type of trip or plane you are on, but hopefully they will inspire you to put them to the test and get the most out of your next trip. If you are looking for more travel hacks, click here to check out The Ultimate Travel Hacks. Image Credit: Creative Commons.