Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: The Best Of The Year

A funny thing happened on the way to the apocalypse. Photographers have been capturing some funny moments with their cameras.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards: The Best Of The Year

I never thought I’d say this but the world is an interesting place. Photographers from all over the world have been playing with their cameras to capture something different: comedy wildlife photography. Seriously, some of these photos are hilarious and they’re getting people talking. It seems that we all need a laugh every now and then and these photos help us keep things in perspective. From a monkey with a can on its head to a pig crossing the road, here are the best moments caught on camera.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

It’s no surprise that these photos are getting great reactions online, but they’re also getting a lot of attention in the wild. In a fun little follow up, Sam Torrance took to Instagram to share a picture of him taking a selfie with the photogenic baboon that many of you have fallen in love with. As Torrance explained, the baboon caught his eye for a few reasons. First, he’s really smart. Second, he’s really funny. And lastly, he’s really cute. The encounter happened as Torrance was heading home through the Nairobi National Park. “I decided to have a quick stroll through a camp in the afternoon to clear my head. I passed this baboon at a distance and was intrigued by the level of intelligence he displayed. As I got closer I saw his face and the can of beer on his head.

The Best of the Year

The hilarious moments captured on camera range from backrubs to hoods off to the real-life Land Of The Minotaur. I don’t know what that’s about, but I think we should all hope it doesn’t actually exist. Here are some of my favorite photographs from the Best of the Year competition, but there are hundreds to choose from.

The funniest moments captured by photographers

Malawi: Raquel Karumba, a 42-year-old photographer from Victoria Falls, won the People's Choice Award for this hilarious photo, as well as a cash prize of £5,000. It shows a mouse copulating with a coconut. The mouse wears a suit and head tie, while his mate is very clearly very uncomfortable. Karumba, a mother of two, said: "When I took this, I just wanted to get a reaction from the public. I wanted to raise awareness. I love nature and the Maasai Mara is my second home." A hand-sized lizard sleeps on this sunbathing tarantula. Image copyright Nazim Mengistu. Image copyright Than Phuong This hilarious photo from May won a First Prize and £5,000. A hand-sized lizard was caught resting on a tarantula that was covered in its own droppings.


The World Wildlife Fund wants to get people aware of the problems animal conservation faces worldwide. They are celebrating their work with this photo competition and the awards will be presented at a ceremony at the Doha, Qatar on October 27, 2018. Fancy Yourself Better? Take your style and subject matter to the next level with a shoot with Roxy Studios. The portraits will be on display at an exhibition titled “The Next Level: Taking Style & Selfie To The Next Level.” Entries are being accepted until February 7, 2019, and the theme for this round is “self-expression.” Re-Find Your Zen Tristan Allevato is an award-winning photographer who has captured some fantastic wildlife photos in Africa.