The Best Stephen King Movie and TV Adaptations: Which Ones Are Worth Watching

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The Best Stephen King Movie and TV Adaptations: Which Ones Are Worth Watching

There are tons of Stephen King books out there, which means there are tons of great Stephen King movies and TV adaptations. It's hard to pick the best, but these are some great options that have been made into movies or television shows.

The Best Stephen King Books

It's hard to narrow it down to just 10 of Stephen King's best books, but these 10 are definitely some of his most popular. The Long Walk King’s most famous and popular novel, it’s about a teenager named Walker who has to walk 25 miles a day, six days a week for 100 days to escape the mental institution where he has been committed for committing acts of violence. The Stand The most well-known of all of Stephen King’s novels, this one has been made into a TV series a couple of times, most recently a few years ago when it debuted on the cable channel TNT. It’s a huge epic that blends science fiction and fantasy together in a powerful, chilling novel.

The Best Stephen King Movies

5. Gerald's Game Gerald's Game tells the story of Jessie and Gerald Burlingame. Gerald and Jessie had taken a long weekend trip to their cabin in the mountains. They invited the rest of their family up with them, but Gerald and Jessie soon started to get closer than they had before. The two were out on the porch having a beer when Gerald started getting too intimate with Jessie. As the two were about to have sex, Jessie realized that she couldn't move her limbs, and her mind started spiraling out of control. The next morning, Gerald and Jessie are chained up in the same position they were in at the start of the night. They can't escape, and Gerald's biggest worry is that they'll have to live the rest of their lives in this horrifying position.

The Best Stephen King TV Shows

The Mist (2007) The Mist is a story about a town called Bridgeville that is somehow under attack by deadly mist. After a disaster causes them to suddenly turn into monsters, those trapped in Bridgeville are forced to fight for their survival. There's been three TV shows based on Stephen King stories so far. Here are the best ones to choose from. The Mist (2007) This movie was based on King's novella of the same name. It's about a small town in Maine that's suddenly facing a terrifying invasion of mysterious mist that turns ordinary people into vicious monsters. It's based on a novel, but in this case it's actually a part of a series of books as well.


So those are some great suggestions for things to watch, but there are always more to watch, and now that I have six suggestions, there is a good chance that some of you have other favorites that are not listed here. Let us know what you think in the comments below!