Guess These Celebrities' Net Worth, from least to most.


There are many ways to judge someone’s wealth. Of course, the most obvious way is to look at their salary. Another way is to use their assets as a measure of their wealth. Yet another way is to look at how much they spend on luxury items. All of these are good indicators for how wealthy someone may be. However, there is one other very effective way to tell how wealthy people are - check out their net worth! One of the best ways to assess this? Guessing what celebrity has the higher net worth. Check out these celebrities who have made millions, but might not be as rich as you think they are.

Some Celebrities are not as rich as you think

Paris Hilton – Net Worth: $10 Million Paris Hilton is known for being extremely wealthy. However, according to Celebrity Net Worth, she is worth far less than what most would think. Hilton only has a net worth of $10 million. Most of this is due to her lavish lifestyle. In addition to this, Hilton’s net worth could be impacted by her recent arrest. Ben Affleck – Net Worth: $240 Million Ben Affleck is one of the most well-known actors of his generation. However, the former star of “Argo” has a net worth that is $240 million. Affleck actually collects more than most celebrities. As most people can tell you, actors are much more well-known than normal people. This means that Affleck’s net worth can be a lot higher than people might think.

Why do celebrities have a higher net worth?

Clearly, net worth is a subjective measure, so there is no hard and fast rule for the wealthiest stars. This is why many people, like Ashley Olsen, Cindy Crawford, and Ted Danson, who have a huge net worth, have much lower numbers than what they are worth. In addition, there are many celebrities who have a net worth that is much smaller than what they report. John Cena, for example, is a pro wrestler who was nominated for an Emmy award for his work on WWE. When you look at his reported net worth of $12 million, that is the amount he is reported to earn every year. But he is no rookie to the wrestling business, having started when he was nine years old. While he might make that reported salary, he will probably make more than that in the ring.

How to guess the celebrity with the higher net worth

A great way to assess a celebrity’s net worth is by looking at their assets. This includes their assets, their net worth, their assets divided by their net worth, and their net worth divided by the assets of the average celebrity, which is usually somewhere between $4-$12 million. If you can guess what a celebrity’s assets total is, then you’re in good shape! If you feel like you’re at a disadvantage, however, try taking the average celebrity’s assets and then splitting it by that person’s net worth. If you get that even, you’re almost definitely right. Take all the numbers you’ve come up with and subtract the value of all of the things that belong to the celebrity you are trying to guess. That number is usually the total assets.


When taking all of these factors into consideration, each person’s net worth will depend on various factors that they can control or not. But as long as a person’s values and priorities are on the right track, it is entirely possible for them to make a fortune. MORE: AGE ALLOWS YOU TO REALIZE WHAT YOU CARE ABOUT Liked this article? Check out the rest of our net worth advice, which includes topics like starting your own business, building up your portfolio and finding a mentor. You can also visit our blog for more resources on building wealth.