11 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Makeup Collection and Save Space

he key to saving space is having a plan. Here are five ways to organize your makeup kit for a cleaner, more organized life.

11 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Makeup Collection and Save Space

Have you ever seen a makeup artist’s kit? It’s usually crammed full of beauty products, brushes, and tools. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to store all of that in your own personal space? You can save time and hassle by organizing your makeup so it has its own designated area. Here are some tips on how to clean up your act, stay organized, and save space.

Know the right way to store brushes and tools

Storing tools and products in the same space increases the likelihood of a mix-up. Use a clear and organized container or drawer to separate items. You can also choose to store all your brushes together or a mix of inexpensive brushes and less expensive tools. Avoid color-coded sets of products like lipsticks and foundation if you don’t have similar types of products. Separate products by name and color Choosing to keep similar makeup and skin care items together (like lipstick, foundation, and bronzer) will make your space look cluttered. Instead, group similar products based on name or color, like red eye shadow, blush, and highlighter. Use the right brushes Use smaller brushes when applying concealer, blush, eye shadow, or eyeliner and bigger brushes for applying heavier products.

Makeup Organization for Beginners

Most people use the same products, the same brushes, and the same beauty tools to get the same results. You should plan your collection with your current makeup routine and beauty needs. If you are a make-up artist, you should consider an event like make-up application or a wedding. You’ll want to plan ahead to avoid the clutter. Get yourself a large makeup bag with a divider to separate your makeup. Go through your collection of beauty tools. Maybe you’ve already purchased some of these items, but if not, you can usually find them for sale at a retailer. You’ll also want to empty your drawers and closets to make room for the new items you want to add to your collection. Be sure to organize each beauty tool in a separate place so you’ll always know where you can find them.


Now that you’ve learned about the importance of saving space, you’re on the right track to have a clutter-free bedroom. This is a fantastic way to get on track to go through your entire apartment, or even the entire house, and take your belongings in a more minimalistic direction.