The 10 Most Successful Celebrities Who Never Got Married or Been Single For A Really Long Time

If you think you're the only one who's been single for years, here are some famous people who have managed to be insanely successful without ever getting married.

The 10 Most Successful Celebrities Who Never Got Married or Been Single For A Really Long Time

They may not be as glamorous as the likes of Beyonce or Taylor Swift, but these celebs have one thing in common: they've been happily single for a really long time. In a world where divorce rates are sky high and almost everyone is speaking about their relationship status, it's easy to feel like you're the only one who doesn't have a partner. However, happily single celebs remind us that you can still be successful, happy and independent all on your own!

The 10 Celebrities Who Aren't Married or Single

1. Gwyneth Paltrow The famous Goop guru recently came out with a book about her relationships that left some fans shocked, with the famous actress admitting she was once engaged. It was a recent break up with Coldplay musician Chris Martin, whom she started dating in 2003 after being introduced to her through Martin's ex, Jennifer Lawrence. She also insisted her new relationship is serious and they are planning to marry after having been dating for five years. She's previously described Martin as her 'soulmate' but admitted there were times when she felt cheated after he went out with other women. She's also been with her business partner, Brad Falchuk, for three years and they're pretty happily happy together, no marriage required! 2.

What You Can Learn From Them

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut? Like you can't get out of the same routine? Well, you're not alone and, if these celebs can be single for over 20 years (looking at you, Paul Rudd), then you can do it too! Being single is definitely not a bad thing. The key is to make sure you're happy on your own, without someone, and work out what you want your life to look like. The first step is to be honest with yourself about what you want out of your life. What will make you the happiest and most fulfilled? Do you want a partner or not? That's the question to answer first! How To De-Stress At The End Of The Day Being single definitely has its benefits, especially in terms of 'getting a life'.

Why It's Important to Be Single

First and foremost, being single saves money. Working the opposite shift from your partner can save you an average of £3,000 a year. Combine that with a lack of commute costs and the fact that you have to pay off any debts you may have (as opposed to having your partner make those payments for you), and it's clear that single life is financially savvy. It also makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. Couples need time and attention to establish their relationship, whereas single individuals don't have those reasons to 'play it cool' and sit around in your boxers and watch reality television. You have all the time in the world to do what you want and pursue your passions, which means you're much more likely to meet someone of the opposite sex.


Love is not a phase. It doesn't mean you'll be lonely. Instead, it's an experience that can positively or negatively impact your life for the rest of your life, and for the better, if done right. Don't be afraid to have adventures and to get to know the real you. Dating is a great way to get to know what you're looking for. Take time to yourself, enjoy the solitude and see what comes of it. Whether you're looking for love or not, there are some valuable lessons here to take from these successful celebrities. As hard as it may be, you shouldn't focus so much on finding someone that you lose yourself. The great thing about life is that there is room for everyone, no matter what type of life you want to live. What are your thoughts on this article?