What's Trending in Menswear Design: Locales and Hometowns Inspire Trendsetters

We've got all the must-see designers for this season's men's wear.

What's Trending in Menswear Design: Locales and Hometowns Inspire Trendsetters

Fashion is always evolving, and this season was no different. Models walked the runway in clothing that showcased new trends like streetwear and athleisure. But, while fashion is always changing, the inspirations for these collections were not. Some designers took their inspiration from their hometowns, while others looked to exotic locales. Designers like Raf Simons of Christian Dior created pieces that were at once futuristic and nostalgic. Here are some of the highlights of NY Fashion Week's menswear collections.

The Streetwear Trend

Streetwear made a huge appearance on the runway during NY Fashion Week. Big name brands like Calvin Klein were on board the streetwear train as well, with models like Simons taking inspiration from the streets of Paris. Simons’ collection was futuristic and balanced with "retro 90s vibes." His effortless outfits showcased unique textures and unique workwear details. The key piece in Simons' collection were the logo tees, which the fashion house owned more than any other designer at NYFW. Canadian Brands and Influences Canadian brands like Dion Lee, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, and Osgerby featured their local and multicultural style in their collections. Lee's collection was colorful and carried a 1990s inspiration.

Hometown Inspiration

Runway Looks At Raf Simons' first season after being named chief creative officer, he was inspired by his hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. The collection included dresses and t-shirts with the "A/S/L" logo from Antwerp metro station, which provides free internet access. An ominous snowstorm was also projected on the runway for a photo-worthy moment. Simons has also produced collaborations with Fila and he will launch the new Palace sub-brand in 2017. Another menswear designer who chose to emphasize a city he grew up in was Acne Studios creative director Jonny Johansson. He looked to his native Gothenburg, Sweden for inspiration. Johansson combined the Scandinavian influence in his collections with a twist of rock and roll.

Exotic Locales

While most designers that showed during NYFW have locales that they drew inspiration from for their collections, Raf Simons' collection was an interesting mix. First, the inspiration for this collection was the surroundings of his hometown, Brussels, Belgium. Simons chose to channel his heritage and incorporates aspects of Belgian design in his collection. The collection included pieces that were both futuristic and very comfortable. Like many of his other collections, Simons used plastic to create an interesting material in his designs. The most unique aspect of his collection is how he incorporated a pop of color. His pops of color included bright yellow, which appeared in pieces like bomber jackets, vests, shorts, and sweaters.

Final Thoughts

The exciting part of fashion is that you never know what the trends are going to be in the next season. Stay tuned to StyleCaster as we report on the upcoming looks, trends, and latest styles of the Fall/Winter 2017 season. We will be sharing reports on the latest shows as well as the street-style trends from the best-dressed attendees.