The Benefits of Unum: A Company Caring for Its Employees

At Unum, we offer a benefits package that is customized to the needs of our employees. This includes medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401k with company match, short-term disability and long-term disability.

The Benefits of Unum: A Company Caring for Its Employees

At Unum, we offer an extraordinary benefits package that is customized to the needs of our employees. Employees are eligible for benefits including but not limited to medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401k plan with company match, short-term disability and long-term disability. We believe that happy employees make for happy customers. And happy customers mean a prosperous company. Here are some ways our benefits can help you grow personally and professionally.

Value your employees

Unum takes care of their own. For example, we offer many benefits specifically for moms. Our benefit for moms includes the option to breastfeed and to store breast milk. It's more than just pay; it's about a company that respects your needs. Sharing some of the benefits for families, we also offer the option for everyone in the family to take 12 months of fully paid leave, or three months for a single parent. Create a life-long learning environment Unum offers many education and networking opportunities for its employees and their families. We have a partnership with UNC Charlotte that provides scholarships for employees' children and helps raise awareness about some of the latest medical breakthroughs. We also offer financial education workshops to our employees.

Make sure their benefits are on point

It's easy to let the stress of work overwhelm you. To avoid burnout, make sure your benefits are in place. The earlier you get in line for things, the better. Keep in mind, each benefit is worth different amounts of money. So make sure the level of your benefits match the work you're doing. No matter how well-prepared you are, your resources will only last so long. Here are some areas to focus on: Medical and dental insurance Healthcare Vision insurance Short-term disability insurance Long-term disability insurance Education & training The more you advance in your career, the more you will need to advance your skills. One of the best ways to do so is with professional development.

Encourage professional growth

Being offered the opportunity to learn more about your field and to hone your skills is invaluable to employees. Unum's tuition reimbursement program ensures that employees in certain fields, such as management, earn a college degree, or the equivalent, that will result in a competitive salary. This type of growth is achieved by our participation in the Aspen Institute Career Seminar. During the four-day seminar, the company gives its managers the chance to learn about leading, managing and optimizing teams, while discovering how other successful organizations handle similar challenges. In addition to giving them knowledge and skills to improve their jobs, we also offer them the opportunity to experience hands-on training and learn about various career paths.

Help them be healthy

Our employees are at our company at the start of their career. You can help them achieve their goals by supporting them in the steps they take to reach their personal best. Our medical, dental, vision and life insurance plans offer financial assistance in paying for affordable and vital healthcare and can help pay for dentures and glasses, surgeries and specialized diets. Help them get ahead Our 401k and vacation plans are great ways to invest in yourself while you are building a career. In addition, most employers pay your health insurance premiums for you. Help them maintain their wellbeing Medical, dental and vision plans can help cover hearing aid treatments and eye exams. Our health insurance also pays for massage therapy, yoga classes and acupuncture treatments.

Be flexible

You can work from anywhere in the US or even around the world with no travel restrictions. And Unum offers reimbursement for expenses including child care, parking, conference fees and taxes. If you want to work from home, there are no restrictions on where you can work. And if you don't feel like a traditional office environment, you have the flexibility to work from your home office or a virtual work environment that includes a computer, phone and internet. Be rewarded You don't have to stay in the company at all. Unum allows you to leave at anytime with no obligation. All of our employees are encouraged to leave. If you choose to work part-time, you can receive cash or flexible time-off pay so that you can set your own schedule.