What Should You Expect to See in Women’s Fashion Trends for the Spring/Summer 2021 Season?

Spring and Summer are quickly approaching, which means it's time for a new wardrobe.

What Should You Expect to See in Women’s Fashion Trends for the Spring/Summer 2021 Season?

Fashion trends come and go, but if you know what to look for, you can be ahead of the latest styles. With the help of a few experts, we’ve put together a list of upcoming women’s fashion trends that any fashionable woman should know about. Scroll down to check out how your wardrobe will be changing this year! These are some of the best new fashion trends that any fashionable woman should know about.

What to Expect in Women’s Fashion Trends

Drum roll, please! You’ve been waiting for this! 1. Diving tones Diving tones refers to pastel colors for women. These tones are the colors that have blue and light shades of pink. The bright colors used in these tones are not so intense. These bright pastels are perfect for the spring and summer seasons. The hints of pink will bring in the fresh look for women who are looking to make a change. 2. Texture Texture is the trend of the season. Be it you style or that of the trends. Wear your shirt tucked in and take your belt from the end. You will be able to wear your dress up or down. 3. Plaid Plaids will be used in a big way. Get a plaid jacket that is feminine with a touch of color. Pair it with a white shirt and a pair of knee-high black boots.

What to Expect in Shoes

Nylon Shoe Trend The 1980s may be long gone, but those who remember those days will be pleased to know that a ’80s style revival is well underway, and it’s going to be big this year! Leather is totally back in a big way, and the latest footwear trend is expected to be “corduroy” footwear, as per FN, an imitation of the classic polyester cordovan leather shoe. Check out our shoe buying guide for more information on the updated shoe trends that you can expect to see in the coming year. Wide-Angle Sunglasses Trend Bags have taken the fashion industry by storm, but this year, it’s time to bring out the shades. The perfect accessory to complete any outfit, wide-angle sunglasses are everywhere this season! Slip on a pair of chic shades this year to add an extra edge to your look.

What to Expect in Dresses

According to experts, the classic maxi dress will be making a comeback in 2019. Any woman who wants to embrace a classic look will be able to opt for the classic maxi dress for summer. These dresses will be made out of light-weight materials that won’t break the bank. Another hot item is the wrap dress. Wrap dresses have always been trendy, but it looks like this year it will be one of the most popular styles for women. Wrap dresses are great for fashion, as they are comfortable to wear during all seasons. They are a great option for warm weather or for nights out. The maxi dress will still be popular as well, but there are also many other options for getting your hands on the classic piece.

What to Expect in Sweaters

According to YourTango, cozy sweaters are a huge trend for spring. This year’s knitwear has been on the more dramatic side, including collared, oversized sweaters, dressier styles, and bolder patterns. We also saw a ton of puffy cardigans that many found to be too casual, but we’re told by experts that this look is going to be huge come spring. Skinny jeans are still a huge trend in women’s fashion, and this year we’re looking at them in a new way. This year’s skinny jeans feature waists that are lower and slightly tapered, according to Laine Lu of Shopbop. “The style is now achieved with high-waist denim, a straight leg or loose fit, or a combination of both,” she explained.

What to Expect in Outerwear

Layers are always the key to fashion in any season, but for Spring/Summer, you can expect to see plenty of layers in fabrics that give off a muted “spring” vibe. All one needs is one standout look that will turn heads on any outing. Think sleek trench coats and lightweight trench coats that are perfect for when temperatures climb into the 90’s and 90’s. Add a black leather or wool bolero jacket, over the shirt you’ve chosen to highlight your arms. Keep this look sleek by wearing a simple pair of dark booties, and then throw on the black belt that will go well with the booties. A few years ago, this look was more popular, but times have changed. Keep your silhouette modern and keep the accessories simple!


At this point, you should know what to expect to see in women’s fashion trends for the spring/summer 2021 season. While there’s always a chance something unexpected could come up, we think that these are the top trends you can expect to see in women’s fashion next season. 1. Florals Every year, flowers make an appearance in women’s fashion. Though most people associate spring and summer with florals, some women wear florals all year long. Just because florals are a huge trend for the season doesn’t mean that you have to throw them out completely. By selecting your outfits based on the season, you can still incorporate florals into your wardrobe without looking too ridiculous. 2. A return to minimalism As minimalism becomes more mainstream, it’s still going strong.