The 15 Designs You Should Avoid When Decorating Your Home

From room layout and design, to the type of furniture you buy, we've compiled a list of design mistakes that can cause your home to be both aesthetically unpleasing and functionally impaired.

The 15 Designs You Should Avoid When Decorating Your Home

Designing a home is a lot of hard work. From picking colours and furniture, to determining which items will go on the walls and what decorations to display on your mantelpiece, there is a lot of careful consideration that goes into every design. However, some designs are better than others. If you want your home to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, you should avoid these ten common mistakes.

The 15 Designs You Should Avoid

Walls painted in primary colours – While there is a time and place for brightly coloured walls, walls that are in primary colours are best avoided. This includes light blue, yellow, orange and red. While these colours may be pleasing to the eye, bright colours are better kept to the walls of your child’s bedroom, rather than the walls that would be seen by guests or visitors. Similarly, your home interior design will be improved by switching to colour schemes and textures that are more understated than bright. This does not mean you can’t use bright accents, such as a patterned cushion or artwork, but you should avoid using bright colours as your house’s overall theme.

Design Mistakes Homeowners Make That Are Costly

1. Oversized and Ugly Furniture An over-designed piece of furniture or artwork is not a good match for your home. They can be visually overwhelming, and can impede movement. Oversized furniture, in particular, can seriously crowd up rooms, leading to too much visual noise in the space, making it difficult to see the other areas of the room, or even focus on the task at hand. 2. Having too Much Colour In order to make a room look open and airy, a decorator needs to keep the space bright and neutral. However, the truth is that a room with too much colour on walls and floors is just a dark place. To brighten a space, decorators often add bold yet neutral accessories like cushions and rugs to the walls.

How to Avoid the Ten Common Design Mistakes

We have compiled a list of ten common design mistakes that will ruin the home you are designing. If you want to ensure your home's design is both attractive and functional, we suggest avoiding these mistakes at all cost. 1. Over- decoration An over-decorated home is cluttered and cluttered environments tend to be cold. Since our homes are usually seen as personal and intimate, it is always best to keep things as minimalist as possible. If you are stuck for what to do, let a professional decorator and designer help you select the best wall decorations, so that your home will be filled with warmth and familiarity. 2.


When it comes to interior design, you want your home to reflect who you are. While there are many different methods that you can use to achieve this, one of the best ways is to pay attention to the things you’re not paying attention to when choosing your interior design. Using the advice in this article, you can ensure that your home reflects who you are, instead of what someone else thinks you should be.