5 Reasons Why We Want More Explores Music Culture And Photography

We want to explore music, culture and photography with you

5 Reasons Why We Want More Explores Music Culture And Photography

Music, culture and photography are three things that we cherish in our lives. We want to explore these things with you and share them with you. All of these things have their own special place in our hearts and we want to share it with you. Whether you're a music lover, a photography enthusiast, or both, we hope this blog is able to connect the two worlds together for you.


We want to inspire, we want to encourage and we want to be adventurous with our readers. We feel that no matter what kind of a reader you are, photography or music, this blog is able to touch you in some way. You will find inspiration here to create your own space with your own set of rules to create a new landscape. We want to create a place that could inspire you and inspire our readers. Where we are We are going to make a break from where we currently are. The first two months of this month we will be making a very nice video about our gear and the places we go to shoot. The main thrust of our blog will be focused on exploring our local music and culture with you.


Why is it that music is so influential in today's world? Is it because it is the one of the most vibrant artistic and cultural expressions that exists in today's society? Or is it the music that is inspiring individuals to write and create new works, helping them create new concepts and ultimately bringing an outlet for collective creation and discussion? Music is such a vibrant and intelligent artform. It influences people's perspectives on life, drives them to achieve artistic and personal growth, provides an avenue for communities and individuals to collaborate and develop music and photography all while providing an avenue for musical or visual aesthetic appreciation through experimentation and innovation.


Photography, in the sense of photography videos, has been around for centuries. From human portraits to landscapes, the medium is one that was previously the domain of a select few photographers, namely wealthy patrons. It took time and effort for the medium to reach a wider audience, as it was first considered an exclusive art form. However, the advent of the Internet has played a crucial role in the dissemination of photography. The diffusion of photography online has opened new avenues of communication for photographers. The visibility of online photography gives opportunity for people who don't have the privilege of expensive camera equipment to showcase their talent and express themselves.


Today we took one more step towards the creation of a new world of inspiring people and things. Our endeavour is to create a space in your busy life to bring out the beauty and simplicity in life through the awesome and gorgeous images that we are going to share with you. So, all we need from you is to explore our blog and let yourself feel the music of Life. We’ll surely look forward to your emails with great delight and anticipation, as the second edition of ‘India Photo Project’ starts from the 10th of October 2017 and we look forward to your feedback and contributions.