TAYLOR SWIFT ON RELATIONSHIPS: What She Gets Wrong in Her Advice

When you're going through a tough break up, it's nice to have someone to talk to about it. But what if that person is Taylor Swift?

TAYLOR SWIFT ON RELATIONSHIPS: What She Gets Wrong in Her Advice

Taylor Swift is famous for her relationships. From her breakups to her breakouts, we’ve all seen it on the news and on social media. But as much as she’s been through, some say she doesn’t do a good job of giving advice to those who are going through similar experiences. If you were someone who broke up with their high school boyfriend, what would you think if Taylor Swift told you to be strong and move on? Well, that’s just one example of where Taylor Swift might be wrong with her relationship advice. Ready to hear more?

Why Taylor Swift Gets It Wrong

There’s a moment in her interview with the New York Times where she says, “If somebody’s been through something I’ve been through, I want to know about it, because I think that empathy is the only thing that can move the world forward.” She continues, “I don’t think there’s anybody that goes through not-an-empathetic situation. Everybody’s had a sadness or a struggle or a disappointment. But I also think we’re capable of rising above it, or learning from it.” While Swift may be right that we can all learn from those situations and are capable of getting through them, she doesn’t quite get what empathy is. 1. The Problem With Appealing To Empathy “I think empathy is the most important of the [soft skills]. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to do, but it’s necessary,” Taylor says.

How to actually heal from a breakup

The second example is the controversial video clip Swift posted on Instagram yesterday to promote her new music video. In the clip, she plays what looks like the love interest of Josh Groban in a faux-post-breakup video. Taylor Swift getting vulnerable for "Look What You Made Me Do" music video. https://t.co/HhrZ1KwqqM — Us Weekly (@usweekly) August 25, 2017 First of all, did we really need an actual breakup montage for Taylor Swift? Are we living in this time where real relationships are ending and these fake ones are more fascinating than anything real? Even though Swift’s video has been called “terrible,” it didn’t seem to affect her as much as most fans anticipated. (Although, Taylor’s mom wasn’t too happy about her daughter’s actions.) Should you talk to your ex?

How to handle a crazy ex

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert spent two years broken up before they got back together and eventually married. Many of Taylor Swift’s fans took her breakup advice a bit too seriously and turned it into a giant blind item. Did she have any idea what she was talking about? Let’s just say, she shouldn’t give any relationship advice. Divorce is overrated Taylor Swift has been in one relationship after another and it’s almost always successful. But even so, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to divorce someone. Divorce is never good. When Taylor Swift says “divorce is overrated,” we can assume she’s talking about when she broke up with Joe Jonas. Maybe Joe was just too controlling. But if Joe is a controlling guy, then that’s his own business. There’s a line there somewhere.

What if you're in a long-distance relationship?

The most famous situation Taylor Swift can’t seem to get right is that of a long-distance relationship. You can’t exactly be your most vulnerable or in your most loving state when you’re in the middle of a big city. The criticism is simple: How can you be vulnerable when you’re so far away? Taylor Swift’s story: She began dating Calvin Harris in April 2016 after meeting at an ACM Awards after party. They broke up this past May after the rumors swirled that Calvin had cheated. Taylor’s advice: When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s OK to date other people. Right or wrong? It’s definitely not the most objective view, but in her defense, let’s think about this for a second. Taylor Swift and Calvin’s relationship ended because she started dating Tom Hiddleston.


It’s impossible to find someone who’s like Taylor Swift. And we’re not just talking about the musician, but even about the person who’s had the most famous breakups in the music industry. The other women who have been in Taylor’s situation are doing just fine – and maybe even better than well. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone out there who wants to call Taylor out on everything she says and does. Just remember that, regardless of how public her breakups are, she’s still a human, and humans can feel just as bad and get just as upset as everyone else.