It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best 50-ouncer of beer or the best $50,000 whiskey, because we cover it all. From profiles of industry-leading chefs and bartenders to recipes for homemade cocktails or brisket, The Manual serves up content that will make you hungry, thirsty, and ready to put your apron on.

Oatmeal pudding with apples and applesauce

Oatmeal is not only an Englishman's breakfast, but also a favorite product on the territory of the post-Soviet state, it

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Cottage cheese casserole recipe

Cottage cheese casserole according to the classic recipe Ingredients: 1 kg of dry cottage cheese; 3 eggs; 7 art. spoons of

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Common Mistakes That Can Ruin the Health Benefits of Your Salad

If you like the flavors of cabbage rolls, then you have to try this soup. Loaded with healthy cabbage, tomatoes,

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